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Experts at anchoring processes in the field of welfare technology


We work with change, and helping innovations become implemented so that new technologies and mind-sets, can deliver their promised potential. We have various means of measuring the effectiveness of solutions, and our communication is targeted specifically to various stakeholders. We arrange workshops, and coaching of staff, in order to make sure that the design and functionality of solutions fit into the end-user organizations.


Our mission is to assist in the fields of training for health, wellness and rehabilitation. We have extensive experience in using and designing touch-screen experiences and other kinds of computer technology. The overall goal is to make sure that welfare-tech solutions are used, so the investment is not wasted.


Our method is based on using fun and engaging experiences as driver for getting both staff and end-users to start using the new tools.


NORDIC BRAIN is a Danish company based in Copenhagen, Denmark


The company was founded in 2009.






Carl-Fredrik Vogel

CEO & Founder

Innovation consultant



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