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Implementing welfare technology

Nordic Brain operates as a a private SME in Public-Private-Partnerships. Our job is to make sure that new technologies and mind-sets can deliver their promised potential. We use workshops, and coaching of staff, the users, as well as volunteers, in order to make sure that the design and functionality of solutions fit into the end-user organizations.

Our mission is to assist in the fields of training for health, wellness and rehabilitation. We have extensive experience in using learning experiences and digital technology. The overall goal is to make sure that welfare-tech solutions are used, so the investment is not wasted.

Our method is based on using fun and engagement based on people's interests, as the tool for getting both staff and the end-users (senior citizens, volunteers, or patients with neurological disorders) to start using the all sorts of digital content as a new form of welfare technology.

NORDIC BRAIN is a Danish company based in Copenhagen, Denmark

The company was founded in 2009, by Carl-Fredrik Vogel, as a new way to unfold his extensive career as film and televison producer, musician and curator for art exhibitions.

Carl-Fredrik Vogel

Innovation consultant

CEO & Founder


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